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Memberships - Patron/$5000, Family/$2000, Individual/$750,
 & Islander/$450

Memberships - Patron/$5000, Family/$2000, Individual/$750, & Islander/$450

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Membership Level Patron

Become a member at the Links! It’s as easy as completing a 127 page application (be sure to have your maternal grandma’s birth certificate at the ready!), winning a 12 round match with an adult moose, and correctly naming all the Spice Girls and their hometowns! Or…by purchasing one here. Patron Memberships allow you unlimited guests of all shapes and sizes, and the great satisfaction of knowing that you have substantially increased the odds of the RACL staying open for another year. A Family Membership offers you and your immediate family free and unfettered use of the Links at any time of your discretion. An Individual Membership gives the holder unlimited play for themselves during the calendar year…and a howdy-do from a Canada goose. A discounted Islander Membership is available only to year-round residents of MV (your license is an Zmv one).